Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Personal Collection of Kindness Stories

A collection of Kindness stories from all walks of life and time periods.

Writing a Note to a Stranger- Be Kind 1
Taking the time to write a personal note to a stranger is a lovely act of kindness.
I was given a note of appreciation to give to a lady who this person does not know at all. The reason she wanted to give a note was because she was so impressed with the research she had done on the subject she wrote about.
Not many people stop to take the time to write a note to those they know let alone a person they don't know.
We should start a "write a kind note day" - do you think that would remind us to send kind notes to strangers?
When was the last time you recieved a hand written note?
Be kind to someone today.

Tweet and Retweet Kindness as they are Online Smiles - Be Kind 2
Acts of kindness often happens without you being aware you have done it. A smile and a kind word is all it takes to bring a little sunshine into another persons life.

Speak to the Person Sitting Alone – Be Kind 3
Daniel hated to see any child sitting alone and his kind heart motivated him to reach out and befriend the lonely child. Daniel was only 7 years old and already he was well known for his acts of kindness to other children and adults alike.
Daniel was a victim of the Sandy Hook shooting and now his family are part of the movement that empowers others by being kind. Daniel's family have a Facebook page where family, friends and strangers can tell kindness stories that will bring honor to Daniel's memory.
Many wonderful pictures of Daniel and you can read about a newly erected playground in honor of Daniel:

Fill your days with acts of kindness by speaking to those who are lonely and you will think of 7 year old Daniel's big happy smile.


Playground Kindness Dedicated to Emilie – Be Kind
There is a new children's playground in New London, CT that is dedicated to Emilie Parker, one of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. Through the kindness of many volunteers and cash donations, the memory of this little girl, who loved to be fancy and her favorite color is pink, will live on in everyone's memory to celebrate life.
There is a special Facebook Page -
Visit this page to see the photographs of Emilie and the Emilie Parker Playground in CT.
I wonder how many children will wear pink when they play in Emilie's playground? I hope many will!

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